12 Hour Extended Dark Disco Mix-Tape (recorded live by GENERIC PEOPLE djs)

12 Hour Extended Dark Disco Mix-Tape (recorded live by GENERIC PEOPLE)


We recently had a rare day off and decided to hit the studio to chill out with a few cheap cans & a bag of “coffee”. We powered up the decks and played a few records and just hit record to see what happens…
it got a bit out of hand and went over 12 hours long…
some really amazing music on here, some dancefloor killers, unheard classics, unusual disco finds and some really intelligent cuts. It gets really uplifting in parts, very dark in parts, and even a bit psychedelic in other parts…
excuse the cliché, but it’s a bit if a musical journey 🙂
DOWNLOAD THE AUDIO HERE https://hearthis.at/genericpeople/extended-disco-mix-1mixdown/download/

This is Part 5 (of 10) in our TONE Series .In the meantime czech out the rest of the series.



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